Packing on the Pounds: RecycleMania 2011


Caitlin Slator

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News Article

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University of North Dakota


For the third consecutive year, UND has taken part in the RecycleMania, a friendly 10-week competition against other universities across the country.

UND’s 2011 results are in.

In gross tonnage, UND accumulated 213,027 lbs., or more than 106 tons, as it participated in the Competition Division. That’s about the equivalent weight of 15 average school buses. This was a 13 percent increase from 2010 when UND collected over 93 tons (187,023 lbs.).

Final results will be posted for all participating schools at on Friday, April 15.

In the Competition Division, schools used the entire university population’s recycling efforts for its calculations, rather than just a portion, such as residence halls. Data was recorded weekly to standards set by RecycleMania officials.

In an additional challenge, the Per Capita Classic, schools added up the total weights for paper, cardboard and beverages, and then divided it by the population of the school. For UND, over the span of 10 weeks, there was an average of 1.51 pounds per person.

On average, it was determined that UND was recycling 26.65 percent of its total trash accumulation per week.

RecycleMania began in 2001, with only two schools competing. This year, 630 colleges participated, representing over six million students and more than 1.5 million staff and faculty. The goal is to increase recycling awareness, promote waste reduction, and instill a lasting habit in students. RecycleMania reported that recent surveys of previous years’ show 80 percent of schools had a noticeable increase of recycling during the competition. UND plans to participate again next year.