UND researchers eye more missions for space camera


David L. Dodds

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News Article

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John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences


The University of North Dakota Department of Earth System Science and Policy (ESSP) has been awarded a $25,000 grant from Teledyne Brown Engineering, Inc., to investigate adaptation of the department's International Space Station Agricultural Camera (ISSAC) for a follow-on science mission.

UND's principal investigator is Doug Olsen, with Ho Jin Kim, Jagan Ranganathan and Craig Helgason contributing technical expertise. The UND team will collaborate with University Space Research Association personnel at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

Built by UND students and faculty and currently in operation aboard the International Space Station, the ISSAC sensor collects three-band multi-spectral imagery, primarily for agricultural applications.

The grant funding will be used to develop concepts for adapting the ISSAC sensor and enabling it to be mounted on a "Cassegrain" telescope and pointing system, components of a new advanced sensor system dubbed ISERV, slated for launch before the end of this month. In addition, ESSP researchers will adapt ISSAC imagery software for use by the new sensor system.

ISERV is a Space Station imaging sensor developed in support of the SERVIR initiative, a joint venture of NASA and the U.S. State Department to build capacity in geospatial and remote sensing technology in partner countries around the world.