Oversen, Elness sweep 2011 student government elections


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With over 700 votes cast, Kylie Oversen and Nathan Elness were elected President and Vice President in the 2011 Student Government elections on Wednesday.

Oversen, a Killdeer, North Dakota, native, has served in Student Government as a senator for two years. “It was a good experience for the both of us,” Oversen said. “I made the decision to run [for president] long before our campaign was announced. The hard part was finding a running mate.”

As an undergrad studying social work and pre-law, Kylie will have a lot on her plate next year. “I want us to get out of the office,” Oversen said. “I see the relationship between student leaders and students to be one-on-one.

“I might note that there hasn't been a female Student Body President since 1998, and if my sources serve me correctly, I'm only one of three females in the last 20 years,” Oversen added. “It's a great leadership opportunity and I'm thankful to have it.”

Students also chose senators who will sit on Student Senate next year. Senate, the second branch of Student Government, is divided into college-based and residency-based groupings.


  • Adam Swigost will become the senator for the college of Arts and Sciences, the largest college at UND.
  • Remington Zacher will serve a second term as the senator from the College of Buisness and Public Administration.
  • Aaron Hommerding will replace second-term senator Samantha Curtis in representing the Odegard School of Aerospace Science. “It’s a little daunting to think that I will lead over 2,000 students,” Hommerding said. “Aerospace students are often situated to the side of other colleges, both literally and figuratively.”
  • Jacob Winkles will serve a second term as honors senator. His first year was “a very unique year. We came up with solutions to problems in a different way then what has been done before,” Winkles said.
  • Jacob Gapp will start a term as an off-campus senator after being involved in student government for three years. “I wanted to do something different and I thought running for senate would be a good opportunity,” Gapp said. “I’ve seen a lot of good things come from senate and I hope to keep that going.”
  • JJ Schlangen and Alexander Bata will serve as Residence Hall senators together.
  • John Kappel was elected Greek senator for a second term. “It is satisfying to represent the Greek community as well as give back to the University,” Kappel said.
  • Joshua Raynes will serve his first term as University Senator. Raynes is the current head delegate for UND to the North Dakota Student Association, a combined interest group representing higher education students within the state of North Dakota.

Unofficial Results

Note: election results are not official until validated by the Student Senate on March 27. All write-in and tied candidates will be contacted via e-mail.

Total votes counted: 865

President/Vice President (1)

Kylie Oversen and Nate Elness - 723

College of Engineering and Mines (1)

Alex Bahl – 52

College of Arts and Sciences (1)

Adam Swigost – 173

Justin Wright - 72

College of Business and Public Administration (1)

Remington Zacher – 81

Ryan Fitzgerald – 71

College of Education and Human Development (1)

Paul Richter – 2

Graduate School (1)

Kody Rother – 41

John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences (1)

Aaron Hommerding – 64

School of Law (1)

Nate Martindale – 1

Kevin McGillicuddy – 1

Kate Naumann – 1

Quentin Wentzel - 1

Nursing (1)

Heather Morgan – 2

Honors Program (1)

Jacob Winkles – 11

School of Medicine and Health Sciences (1)

Susan Bonn – 2

Amy Jensen – 2 (Declined)

Undeclared (1)

Anne Smith – 1

Kyle Sauthaug - 1

Off-Campus (8)

Kristen Robbelke – 246

Jacob Gapp – 205

Eric Watne – 193

Kevin Peters – 181

Kyle Jefferson – 169

Sarah Larson – 167

Colten Larson – 165

Brenden Jehlicka – 36

Residence Halls (2)

JJ Schlangen -169

Alexander Bata – 166

Greek Residence (1)

John Kappel – 67

Thomas Connelly – 31

On-Campus Apartments (1)

Jonathan Dennington – 27

University Senator (10)

Joshua Raynes – 518

Kjiesta Gorney – 468

Abraham Oommen – 371

Lucas Wynn – 326

Shane Gerbert – 321

Joe Moen – 39

John Thompkins – 24

John Mitzel – 22

Brenden Jehlicka – 25

Kristen Emmons – 15

Constitution Revisions

Yes – 382

No - 138