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Mark your calenders to elect the next round of student leaders for 2011!

Students will be able to vote Wednesday, March 9 at various locations throughout campus. Students will also be able to vote for a candidate of their choice online at

“Voting gives students the opportunity to have a say on campus,” said elections chair and Graduate Student Senator Jackie DeMolee. “Student representatives are the people you can turn to when you have issues anytime during the year.”

Every UND student will have their pick of at least two student senators, ten university senators and their choice of student body president and vice president.

Student senators are divided by residence halls, university apartments and off-campus. Residency-based senators are allocated proportionally to student body population.

Additionally, students may vote for a single senator representing their college of study.

Finally, students will be able to pick up to ten university senators, who represent the student population on the floor of the University Senate (a separate entity from Student Government.)

Student senators work with Student Government to create a better campus environment. Standing committees such as UPC and SOFA that support student activities on campus are funded by Student Government, which has control of over $200,000 of student fees.

Projects funded by Student Government include cab crawler, free bus passes, the popular readership program as well as dozens of guest speakers and lecturers during the school year.

  • Students may vote online at between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
  • Vote in-person at the UND Memorial Union, Wilkerson Hall, Gamble Hall, and in the Aerospace link between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. A valid UND ID (U-Card) is required for voting in person and online
  • Residency is based off of the the student’s campus connection address (students may also vote according to where they plan on living next school year but may only vote for senators in one residency group.)
  • Questions? Contact Student Government at 777-4377

2011-2012 Candidates:

President/Vice President

Kylie Oversen and Nate Elness


Jacob Gapp

Sarah Larsen

Colten Larson

Kyle Jefferson

Kevin Peters

Kristin Rubbelke

Eric Watne

On-Campus Apartments

Jonathan Dennington

Residence Hall

Alexander Bata

Joseph (J.J.) Schlangen


Thomas Connelly

John Kappel

Graduate School

Kody Rother

Business and Public Administration

Ryan Fitzgerald

Remington Zacher

School of Engineering and Mines

Alex Bahl

College of Arts and Sciences

Adam Swigost

Justin Wright


Aaron Hommerding

University Senate

Shane Gerbert

Kjiesta Gorney

Abraham Oommen

Joshua Raynes

Lucas Wynne