Student of the Month: Julie Bech


Amanda Hvidsten

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News Article

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University of North Dakota


Each month we feature a "Student of the Month" who accents different aspects of the UND experience. These unique, and perhaps inspiring, stories give us a glimpse into the personal perspectives and memorable moments of each student’s time at The University of North Dakota.

Julie "Bech" Grønnebekker wants to change the world. Not all that uncommon for a motivated twenty-something. The difference with Julie, though, is that when talking with her you get the sense she just might do it.

She’s channeling her passion through television – writing and producing. The Norwegian exchange student came to UND after getting a Studio One brochure from a professor at the American College of Norway her freshman year. In addition to her internship as a reporter and producer with the student news show, she’s attended a summer session with the New York Film Academy and regularly makes lighthearted YouTube videos with her roommates and friends. Add to that her political science minor and her admitted hunger to experience life, and you start to get motivated yourself just being around her.

Julie’s genuine nature is magnetic; a bonus for someone always looking to meet new people and try new things. Bech values the lessons and perspectives that come from walking in the shoes of those from other cultures. In fact, she’s traveled most of her life and always knew that she’d attend college somewhere other her native Norway.

As she gets ready to graduate this May, she says for the first time in her life she does have the next two years planned out. It’s a leap of faith as she gets ready to pack up and find her next adventure.