UND Faculty Members Awarded for Prestigious Technology Award

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Three University of North Dakota faculty members have received a prestigious technology award for their efforts in science education. Tim Young, Physics and Astrophysics, Cindy Grabe and Mark Guy, Education and Human Development were awarded for their work with the Grand Forks Public Schools for teaching astronomy and physics to in-service and pre-service teachers using the Geodome digital planetarium and iPads.

"This technology was a new experience for teachers," said Tim Young. "Teachers could actually instruct in an environment that is totally immersive. We used the planetarium several times to teach classes about the dynamic universe, something that is hard to do in a text book. The planetarium was interactive and lessons were planned around a teacher's curriculum." One amazing feature is that the planetarium can be controlled by the students using a PlayStation game controller.

This project, called SITE or Simulation Immersion in Teacher Education project, was funded by the State of North Dakota during 2009 – 2011. The award was presented at the ASTE (Association of Science Teacher Education) reception on Saturday, January 7. Awardees will present this outstanding concept at a larger conference called SITTE (Society for Informational Technology and Teacher Education) meeting in Austin, TX on March 8, 2012.