Professor Michael Meyer awarded for Criminal Justice Studies in South Africa

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Michael Meyer, Professor in the Criminal Justice Studies Program, has been appointed as Professor Extraordinaire in the Faculty of Humanities for Tshwane University of Technology (TUT), Pretoria, South Africa. Meyer began his relationship with Tshwane University in 2003 when he was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholarship, allowing him to live and work in Pretoria, South Africa. He spent a year teaching and doing research in the Department of Safety and Security Management at TUT. Since 2004 he has supervised one completed Doctoral student dissertation (2006) and two Master's student theses, 2004 and 2011, the most recent having also received a distinction by the external reviewers. His research collaborations with South African colleagues has resulted in 5 co-authored articles since 2004, with two more articles currently under review. In addition, he has delivered 15 papers at national and international conferences since 2004 based on research projects in South Africa.

In 2011, Meyer was also appointed to the Editorial Board for the Criminological and Victimological Society of Southern Africa's (CRIMSA) Journal, ACTA CRIMINOLOGICA. In both 2010 and 2011 Meyer was a resource faculty member for the 2nd and 3rd African Postgraduate Course of Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice in association with the World Society of Victimology (WSV) at Monash University, Johannesburg, South Africa, advising student participants and presenting lectures on police-victim relations.

Meyer received an additional recognition in 2011 from the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association (MCJA) when he was named co-recipient of the inaugural Thomas Costellano Commitment Award in recognition of long-term leadership and contributions to the Association. Meyer has been a member of MCJA since 1986 and has served on many committees since joining, as well as being elected President 1992-93.

Meyer is passionate about South Africa and has revisited at least one time per year to maintain collaborations. He has been a faculty member at UND since 1984 and is currently the Graduate Director for the Department of Criminal Justice. "This has been an exceptional year and all of this has been so unexpected," said Meyer. "I have been at UND for twenty-eight years and have been though the incredible growth of Criminal Justice, the transition from program to departmental status in 2003 and the establishment of a doctoral program, also in 2003. Most of all I have been surrounded by incredible colleagues and students. And I certainly must recognize my many South African colleagues without whom I would never have had such a great opportunity."