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The University of North Dakota is partnering with the Global Citizens Network (GCN) to offer students an opportunity to study abroad in Brazil during spring 2012 to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the country's indigenous Xukuru people (pronounced "Shoo-koo-roo").

"We are excited about this multifaceted learning experience for students at UND," said Marcia Mikulak, associate professor of anthropology. "We'll be working to increase student understanding of and respect for Xukuru culture and community life while cultivating and promoting the values of peace, justice, respect and cross-cultural understanding within a global perspective."

Mikulak is collaborating with Ray Legasse, the University's program director for International Programs, and GCN, a nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, on the development of a new UND field school for students from across disciplines. GCN's mission is to partner with diverse cultures, promoting cross-cultural understanding and connectedness through authentic immersion experiences.

In spring 2012, seven UND students will travel to Pesquiera, Pernambuco, Brazil, with Mikulak and GCN staff to launch the field school and complete the work on the Xukuru Cultural Center's kitchen.

"The school seeks students from multiple disciplines that include medicine, nursing, social science, philosophy, international human rights law and others to live and work alongside a variety of Brazil's indigenous peoples," Mikulak said.

While attending the field school, UND students will live and work alongside the Xukuru in northeastern Brazil throughout the three-week experience (May 19 to June 8). They'll assist in community development and construction projects that support and preserve the Xukuru indigenous culture and identity.

The application deadline is Jan. 17, 2012. The program's cost is $2,459, which includes program fees, health insurance, accommodations, most meals and in-country travel. It does not include round-trip airfare, passport, visa, immunizations or personal expenses. A required prerequisite or co-requisite is "Anthropology 309: Indigenous Peoples of Brazil." This course can also be taken as an elective without enrolling in "Anthropology 379: Brazil Field School."

Since 1992, GCN has worked with villages and communities in Africa, Asia, North America and Latin America to create a network of people who work to preserve indigenous cultures, their traditions and ecologies; and the enhancement of the quality of life around the world.