UND Law graduates admitted to ND Bar Association

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As Justice Carol Kapsner administered the oath, 46 lawyers were admitted to the North Dakota Bar, Monday, October 10, 2010. Many of those sworn in are recent graduates of the University of North Dakota School of Law.

Speakers included State Board of Law Examiners president Paul Richard, Lt. Gov. Drew Wrigley, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, U.N.D. Law School Dean Kathryn Rand, and State Bar Association president Kristi Pettit Venhuizen.

Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle told the new lawyers, "North Dakota is somewhat of an anomaly in the economic climate of our nation. Our lawyers are busy. While I am grateful for that fact, I ask you to remember the tenets of the pledge and the oath you have just taken and to resist temptation to the shortcuts that might lead to disrespect and dishonor of those principles."

ND Bar Admission ceremonyThe Chief Justice noted, "And, notwithstanding the relative prosperity of the State, there remains a great need for civil legal services in our country and in our State. I ask each of you to volunteer for the pro bono panel or the reduced fee panel established by the State Bar Association to meet this need."

Individuals who met all of the requirements for admission based on the bar examination:

Kimberly Backman

Justin Balzer

Nikos Berkowitz

Mara Brust

Tyler Carlson

Meredith Childress

Amy Clark

Nils Eberhardt

LeeAnn Even

Jordon Evert

Ryan Geltel

Samuel Gereszek

Sarah Gereszek

Kenneth Hall

Jill Hebl

Ryan Heintz

Daniel Hopper

James Hoy

Justin Hughes

Dennis Ingold

Benjamin Keup

Adam Landstrom

Amanda Lee

Christopher Luehr

Jesse Matson

Brianna McAleer

Joshua Melgaard

Jordan Moe

Sara Monson

Gregory Morley

Taylor Olson

Amanda Peterson

Kaleen Peterson

Shannon Roers Jones

Michael Sadler

Lindsey Scheel

Abby Siewert

Katie Stearns

Matthew Thompson

Shelly Thompson

Benjamin Williams

William Wischer

Jack Zuger

The following individuals were admitted having met all of the requirements for admission based on eligibility by practice:

Jana Connor

Blaine Johnson

Paul Meyer