Student of the Month: Amanda Heubach


Amanda Hvidsten

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University of North Dakota


Each month we feature a "Student of the Month" who accents different aspects of the UND experience. These unique, and perhaps inspiring, stories give us a glimpse into the personal perspectives and memorable moments of each student’s time at The University of North Dakota.

Amanda Heubach is a lot of things: An aspiring medical professional, a biology major, a volunteer, and a world traveler. What keeps her busiest on campus though is her involvement in Greek life as president of Delta Gamma sorority.

She dismisses the stereotypes that there must be a lot of drama living in a sorority house, but readily admits the time commitment is a big one – especially in her leadership role. Between staying on top of chapter activities in her own house, let alone everything going on in the Greek community, her daily schedule is a full one. Since joining Delta Gamma as a freshman, she’s served as the chapter’s Vice President Panhellenic representing the house on the all-Greek council, Vice President of Membership responsible for membership recruitment in the fall and spring, and now president. She laughs thinking about what it will be like when her term is up in November 2011 and she’ll just be a “regular” member.

Heubach’s summer plans keep her on the same busy trajectory as she’ll head overseas to Cape Town, South Africa, to volunteer with an AIDs clinic and shadow the doctors working there. She’ll be gone for at least a month and hopes to see other parts of the country and possibly more of Africa as a whole.

This Golden Valley, MN, native, who attended a Spanish immersion elementary and middle school, has never been one to sit back and wait for opportunities to come to her. In fact, she’s even managed to keep up her Spanish skills as a tutor with the Student Success Center in her free time.

As she heads toward her career goal of becoming a physician assistant, she’s excited to see how her varied experiences will benefit her - especially in the area of patient care. She hopes her leadership skills, language skills, and medical training will give her an understanding of people for who they are and how to meet their needs during difficult times in their lives.