Industrial Technology Students Pass Prestigious Exams

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In April 2011, 11 Industrial Technology students took the prestigious national Certified Technology Manager (CTM) and Certified Manufacturing Specialist (CMS) exams sponsored by the Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering (ATMAE). 10 of the 11 students passed the exams, and in fact ranked higher than the national average, according to ATMAE.

Becoming ATMAE certified means these students have met certain professional standards and have recognized expertise in a specific field, a distinction that sets them apart from others. ATMAE certification provides external validation of their knowledge and competence among others not familiar with the profession, which improves their marketability. In addition, passing the rigorous ATMAE certification exams shows students' commitment to the profession and their own professional growth, factors that can affect career advancement.

Congratulations to the following individuals who successfully passed the CTM and CMS exams:

Certified Technology Manager

Will McConnell

James Williamson

Rakesh Tennamthotam

Dustin Patterson

Certified Manufacturing Specialist

Joe Sagaser

Derek Fast

Tyler Radi

Kasey Fingarson

Ricky Seydel

Ben Lauer