India Night

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News Article

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University of North Dakota


On September 22, the Memorial Union Ballroom shined in the tri-color theme of saffron, white and green for India Night. Posters depicting travel and tourism, religious and cultural aspects of the country were placed all over the entrances of the Union showing off the diversity and secularity.

The show started with Matt Hiller welcoming students to the event, followed by Promisree Chaudhury (President, Student Association of India) welcoming UND President Robert O. Kelley and First Lady Marcia Kelley. It was followed by the introduction of all the committee members.

Illustrating a new age India, the show was designed to connect to one and all. Tables contained Rakhis (Indian traditional bracelets) as giveaways for the audience and small cards with descriptions of its importance and its meaning. Fliers all over the ballroom tables gave details about Indian food and dances, and spread more color throughout the room.

Some of the evening's highlights were a traditional solo dance, fusion song performance (with live music) and a group dance which accompanies major festivities.

The audience had to do more than just watch, too. They were quizzed on all things India, like naming the national bird, national sport and trivia about the India film industry. Most walked away with India Today magazines as rewards.

The best part of the night? The food! The food was open to everyone and was a hit. Options included chicken curry, "paneer tikka masala" (a fresh cheese in onion, garlic and tomato gravy), mango ice cream, "poori" (bread made from wheat flour and then deep fried), assorted "pakoras" (chilies, potatoes and onions deep fried with a coating of gram flour).

Overall the theme of "One India" was exciting and greatly appreciated by one and all.