UND enrollment sets another record at 14,697, thanks in part to strong returning-student numbers


David L. Dodds

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University of North Dakota


The University of North Dakota is recording another all-time high number of students at 14,697, based on a final fourth-week enrollment tally, according to Suzanne Anderson, University registrar. The total is up 503 students, or 3.5 percent, from last year's record final count of 14,194.

UND's strong enrollment reflects our students' desire to return year after year to continue a quality education at an Exceptional UND. The number of returning undergraduates (all non-new freshman and transfer students) is 8,557, up 394 students, or 5 percent, from the 2010 final enrollment. The Graduate School, too, had positive growth with a 4-percent increase, from 2,560 students to 2,673 students now. UND also is showing an increase in professional students – law and medical -- with 502 compared to 495 in the fall of 2010.

"UND continues to be a great value to students and their families, as the University leverages state appropriations with other revenues to help build a better North Dakota through the North Dakota University System," said UND President Robert. O. Kelley.

The fourth week number is considered the "official enrollment" for the year, but in reality, it is a snapshot only of the students registered on the first day of the fourth week of school. UND typically enrolls an additional 2,000 or so degree-seeking students throughout the remainder of the year. The number also doesn't include some students trained by the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences through UND's partnerships across the United States and with other countries.

"Students recognize the excellent quality of the teaching and learning environment at an Exceptional UND, and continue to enroll here to meet their personal and professional goals in higher education," said UND Vice President for Student Affairs Lori Reesor. "Continued attention by faculty and staff to advising, support services and other efforts that contribute to student success have resulted in another record enrollment at UND this semester."

The number of UND students who are living on campus in residence halls is 3,101, an increase of 122 over the same reporting period in 2010, according to Judy Sargent, UND director of residence services.

UND is seeing particular growth at the undergraduate level in the School of Engineering and Mines, which increased its enrollment by 7.2 percent, adding 84 students this fall. Also, the College of Arts & Sciences saw a marked increase in students at more than 4 percent, or 121 students.

Percentagewise, other leading student gainers at UND include the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, the College of Business and Public Administration, the College of Nursing and the John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences.

Also, UND's continued graduate-level growth is consistent with UND's Strategic Plan, which states that graduate students will represent 20 percent of UND's student body. Currently graduate students make up about 18 percent of the overall student body.

The Graduate School's enrollment is up nearly 2,000 students from the 2000-01 academic year. The increase in graduate students, particularly at the doctoral level, has a significant impact as UND works to increase its research enterprise.