Physician Assistant White Coat Ceremony

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News Article

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University of North Dakota


Friday, January 28, 2011, marked a special day for the School of Medicine and Health Sciences Physician Assistant Program. Fifty-seven new students received their white coats, an honor and privilege signifying the transition from student to professional. Students donning the coat came from area towns such as Crookston, MN, and Northwood, ND, but also from cities in Oregon, Arizona, Michigan, Florida, and more.

Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs Gwen Halaas, MD, MBA, addressed the class and the many family members and friends in attendance. Her talk, which was both emotional and uplifting, concentrated on the responsibility of the white coat - what it means for the professional wearing it, and for the patients receiving care.

The ceremony was capped off as the class recited the Physician Assistant Professional Oath. Fellow PAs in attendance were encouraged to renew their oath at the same time.

Congratulations to the 57 students in the Physician Assistant Program recently earning their white coats.

Sheryl Alexander

Keri Anderson

Joshua Arickx

Jennifer Asche

Karen Belvin

Christine Brandt

Shad Brophy

Cassandra Burch

April Burns

Ronald Caporale

David Conner

Mendy Corter

Brian Dewitt

Tania Dickinson-Humphries

Jesse Doll

Christy Gant

David Genter

Keith Hatch

Gina Hester

Brad Hirst

Lin Hodges

Erika Hunt

Jillian Jacobson Epp

Jennifer Jallo

Ashley Jones

Reginald Joseph

Paul Kelley

Joshua Killpack

Valerie Krebs

Dave LaBore

Joyce Laktari

Lacey Langerak

Marilea Liner

Thao Lo

Matthew Massmann

Angela Mathiason

Sherrie McCoy

Corbin Moberg

Jeffrey Moberg

Timothy Montag

Troy Nies

Steven Norman

Tamara Perez

Scott Phillips

Amanda Pratt

Jadon Redington

Art Renner

Mindy Rupprecht

Yuri Salmeron

Jennifer Schneider

Anna Stelter

Jennifer Van Hecke

Sheila Wang

Nikki Welk

Natalie Whitley

Susan Williams

Lori Woldd