Student Talent on Display: Capstone 499


Kari Strandberg

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News Article

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College of Business & Public Administration


On Tuesday, April 3

rd, Gamble Hall was filled with industrial technology and graphic design technology

students presenting their TECH 499 Senior Capstone projects. Michael Marquette and Nicole Thorson used the skills learned in their coursework to create an inventory application for small businesses.

The app essentially gives small business owners a simple way to keep track of inventory, order new inventory, and see the schedules of their employees, along with many other features. “It’s a lot of connecting the dots between services that you can use, it’s like a puzzle,” explained Marquette. The idea for the app was centered around Marquette’s mom’s coffee shop. Marquette and Thorson came up with the idea to help make inventory transfers easier, and after many roadblocks, the final project came together.

Originally, Thorson and Marquette tried making the app all on their own, and then realized that it would make things a lot easier for them to seek the help of someone familiar with software services. “We got some help, and now we have our final project,” said Thorson. Their professor, Dr. Yearwood, is happy to attend the capstone display each year and see their hard work pay off. “For me the thing that I get out of this is the joy seeing their work coming into creation,” said Yearwood. The classes’ creations came to life and filled Gamble Hall with wonderful ideas.