MBA Alumni Spotlight, Jeremy Nere


Kate Menzies

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Jeremy Nere has never been a stranger to the business field. As an undergraduate student at North Dakota State University, Nere pursued a degree in Business Administration. Looking to further his skills, Nere applied for the University of North Dakota MBA program in the spring of 2015. He pursued the program as a distance student while continuing to work full-time as the Director of Admissions at Coker College, and most recently as the Director of Admissions at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

“I was seeking a strong, AACSB accredited program that was affordable, convenient, and hybrid. I wanted to make sure that regular, live interactions with fellow students and faculty were a central part of the program. UND’s MBA program matched all of these areas,” said Nere.

UND’s MBA program is rather unique because courses are delivered synchronously. This format allows distance and campus students to attend courses live during their set times. Synchronous program delivery has enabled greater classroom interaction and engagement for students like Nere.

“This is an excellent fit for a student who wants a highly interactive, challenging MBA program. You will learn as much from the faculty, case studies, and curriculum as you will from other students in the program with varying educational and work experiences,” said Nere.

Recently, in the fall 2017 semester the MBA program revised its curriculum to contain learning modules in the areas of executive management, business analytics, financial & economic analysis, and strategy. In addition, the program added concentration opportunities in general, social entrepreneurship, and international business tracks, which allows students to tailor their learning experiences to best fit their educational goals. Ultimately, these curriculum revisions were created to give students skills that can set them apart in their career and professional endeavors.

In his experience, Nere felt as though the content he learned in class was able to transfer directly into his professional role.

“The program gave me the leadership, management, and strategic decision making abilities to succeed in the ever-changing world of student recruitment and enrollment management. I was able to take the practices and strategies that businesses use to succeed and apply them to the world of higher education,” said Nere.

Nere, a proud UND alumnus, recently graduated from the MBA program in the spring 2017 semester. He has fond memories of his time in the program.

“My favorite part of the program was evaluating the Harvard Business Review case studies and having in-depth discussions with faculty and fellow students around the reasons that some businesses fail and some succeed,” said Nere. “I enjoyed learning from my classmates and faculty members that had experience in a variety of industries and applying those experiences to the case studies and scenarios we were evaluating.”

The UND MBA program is open to students with a wide variety of educational backgrounds and industry experiences. Skills taught in the MBA program can be applied to a variety of career settings. If you are interested in learning more about the MBA program please visit