Bibel presents at MIT Lincoln Labs

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College of Engineering & Mines


George Bibel, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, presented an invited and sponsored talk at MIT Lincoln Labs. Lincoln does significant R&D for the military and FAA. This was part of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Distinguished Lecture Series.

They also arranged a small, private tour of their highly restricted labs, with state of the art ATC (air traffic control), electronic fabrication shop and 3D printing of metals. New computer systems are constantly under development to process more ATC and weather information, and improve weather predictions.

Comments on the talk were very positive: “George Bibel’s presentation was perhaps the best I’ve seen: content, expertise, delivery, and audience interest. Our venue and audience was very congenial and interested from the start. One audience member was the pilot on the first test flight of the 777.”

Engineers at GE Aviation in Lynn, Mass., saw the announcement for the MIT talk and hired me to speak at their plant and tour their jet engine plant. They make jet engines for military aircraft and helicopters, which also makes it a restricted location. Their plant dates back before Edison and is the site of the first jet engine designed and tested in the US. Bibel also got positive feedback from them via email.

GE Aviation hires co-ops, and he put them in contact with Career Services.