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UND MBA alumna, Cami Bennett scores a job with an NFL team.

While pursuing an undergraduate degree from UND in Marketing and a minor in Graphic Design Technology, Cami Bennett saw an opportunity to combine her aptitude in business with her passion for sports. As a recruit for the UND softball team, Bennett has had a close relationship with the Athletics Department since she arrived on campus. In her senior year she became a marketing intern for the Department, doing primarily graphic design projects for all of the UND sports teams. Bennett’s positive experience with her undergraduate degree led her to the UND MBA program.

“I loved UND and the program’s prestige,” said Bennett.

A graduate degree was a logical next step for her. Once in the program, Bennett was exposed to the strategic application of subjects contained in her undergraduate degree, such as accounting, marketing, finance, economics, information systems, and management. Working a full-time job while taking MBA courses was no easy feat, but with the help of faculty and staff, Bennett was able to earn her MBA in August 2016.

Bennett used the skills she learned in the program to assist her with the Athletics Department’s transition to the new UND Fighting Hawks nickname/logo. The University’s former Fighting Sioux nickname was retired in 2012. Representatives of the Oakland Raiders were so impressed with the work that Bennett did with the launching of the new logo that she was recently hired to work for the team.

“My new position is Junior Graphic Designer of the Oakland Raiders football team, which entails elevating the strong Raider brand by communication to fans at every visual touchpoint through web, social media, logos, stadium signage, etc.,” said Bennett.

Bennett’s UND education provided the perfect foundation for her career. She encourages anyone interested in the MBA program to get to know as many people and professors as possible. The program’s synchronously delivered courses provide interactive classroom environments which aid in facilitating these relationships.

One of her most memorable courses from the program was ECON 503: Business and Government. This course is designed to bring MBA and MPA students together to learn about the ways in which business and government intersect. The course includes a trip to Washington, D.C. where students are able to meet with business leaders, legislative officials, government agencies, and UND alumni. This trip allowed her to apply the concepts that she learned in her coursework to everyday business scenarios.

“Going on the D.C. trip was well worth the time and cost,” said Bennett.

Experiences like the Business and Government course are why Bennett credits her MBA degree in preparing her for her new position.

“The UND MBA program helped me stand out amongst the rest of the applicants, as the Raiders knew that if I could handle grad school while working full-time, I can handle anything that they throw at me,” said Bennett.