Blind Corn Liquor Pickers


Evan Boucher

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News Article

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University of North Dakota


The North Dakota Museum of Art Concerts in the Garden series has had incredible weather, save the first installment. This Tuesday was no exception. Blind Corn Liquor Pickers, with its notable name and rural sound, played in the fifth installment of the NDMOA series.

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers is known for its populist lyrics and familiar, hometown sound. The band features themes native to Kentucky, including a song devoted to bourbon exclusively, as well as the theme of the rural and urban divide. With a sound that allows the band to simultaneously be listed as “indie” and still be featured on Country Music Television’s website, it is no wonder that the band has garnered a certain degree of fandom.

Lead singer Beth Walker described the venue as engaged. “We write most of our songs … the fact that most of the people are sitting down and listening, that means a lot.”

Even as the lead singer, Beth is a relatively new addition to the band. The transition to having an additional member seems seamless for the crew, however. Despite their rigorous touring schedule. The band actually works full time during the week, creating more of a work hard/work hard dynamic, financing travel to play more music.

Commenting on playing songs written before her arrival can be a challenge Walker said. “A lot of songs they had been performing before I was in the band, they were more for males. I can’t really relate to that. Some songs I’m just not needed on.”

“Travis and Joel write most of the tunes,” interjected Frank Ward, a mandolin player. “I’m really a jazzer by heart.”

The event as a whole wasn’t entirely seamless, however. Luis Lopez III, originally pegged to open the concert, cancelled at the last minute. Despite this rapid change, NDMOA concert series organizer, Matt Wallace, was able to deftly find a new, talented opener: Peat Moss, a native to Grand Forks.

The trend for bluegrass and neo-Americana continued with last week’s William Elliot Whitmore(see photos below) and later this month with Hoots and Helmouth. While not the direct theme of the series, Wallace stated that it just came together in the bluegrass/neo-Americana genre.

The Concerts in the Garden series concludes on August 30 with Hoots and Helmouth, as the final hurrah for summer.