Three students named Daniels scholars

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University of North Dakota


The Denver, Colo.-based Daniels Fund has announced that three University of North Dakota students have been named Daniels Scholars for the 2011-2012 academic year.

The UND Daniels Scholars are (name, home town, year in school, major): Gerardo Delgadillo, Grand Junction, CO, junior, chemical engineering; Cody Dulmus, Douglas, WY, freshman, athletic training; and Stepfanie Thompson, Lovell, WY, sophomore, theatre arts (please note: spelling “Stepfanie” is correct).

About the Daniels Scholarship

Colorado-based cable television entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Daniels had a passion for investing in deserving students to help them obtain a college education. He had an amazing ability for recognizing the potential in young people and often took promising students under his wing, providing mentoring and financial support for college.

The Daniels Scholarship carries on this legacy by offering scholarship funding to deserving students who are at risk of not being able to afford a college education. Since the program’s inception in 2000, more than 2,000 students have pursued their dream of a college education with the help of a Daniels Scholarship.

All candidates must show clear financial need, be nominated by an approved Daniels Fund referral agency and go through an application process where they are evaluated on strength of character, academic promise, leadership potential, potential to contribute to one’s community and well-rounded personality. Referral agencies are high schools and youth-serving organizations that have agreed to find and nominate eligible candidates who fit the Daniels Scholarship criteria.