HRSA Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students – Undergrad Nursing


Tracy Backstrom

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News Article

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College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines


We are pleased to announce that CNPD has received a HRSA grant for scholarship awards to support the education of undergrad nursing students. Scholarship funds will be used for tuition and fees, required books and e-books, and stipends for reasonable living expenses.

Selection will be based on the following criteria as required by HRSA. All eligibility qualifications are subject to verification, including Financial Aid, County, State and Federal assistance information. Student must be a full time student

  • To meet the mission of the HRSA SDS, student must indicate a willingness to practice in rural or underserved settings following graduation
  • Student must be a U.S. citizen or have a residence visa (green card holder)
  • Student must have demonstrated financial need for scholarship, OR a Disadvantaged Background, as defined by HRSA: a citizen, national, or a lawful permanent resident who either:
    • Comes from an environment that has inhibited the individual from obtaining the knowledge, skill, and abilities required to enroll in and graduate from a health professions school, or from a program providing education or training in an allied health profession; OR
    • Comes from a family with an annual income below a level based on low income thresholds according to family size as determined by 2016 federal guidelines.
    • Family receives public assistance currently or in the past, including SNAP benefits, TANF, Medicaid, or housing assistance or
    • Five or more in immediate household or
    • First generation college student