Professor Steven Morrison publishes Strictissimi Juris Article

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Assistant Professor Steven R. Morrison's article Strictissimi Juris was recently published in the Alabama Law Review. According to the article's abstract, this Article calls on courts and lawyers for the first time to apply strictissimi in a concrete, predictable way. It supports that call by providing strictissimi’s exegesis in descriptive, prescriptive, and contextual ways. Descriptively, it provides the jurisprudential foundation and definition of strictissimi. Prescriptively, it sets forth the purposes for which lawyers and courts have invoked strictissimi, thus providing a guide for how future lawyers might invoke strictissimi, and courts apply it. Contextually, it analogizes strictissimi to substantive canons that play important roles in the separation of powers.

In addition, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers highlights Mr. Morrison's article in its recent publication of The Champion .