Campus reps will assist Minot State with flood recovery efforts

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University of North Dakota


A delegation from the University of North Dakota will meet with officials from Minot State University on Monday to discuss recovery efforts following the disastrous flooding that hit Minot this past spring and summer.

The meeting will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Westlie Room of the Student Center on the MSU campus. The 13 members of the UND group are current or retired employees who played active roles during and after the Red River flood of April 1997 that shut down and heavily damaged the University in Grand Forks.

“Various members of the University community here at UND have reached out to their counterparts at Minot State to see how they were doing and to offer whatever assistance we might be able to provide,” said Peter Johnson, executive associate vice president for university relations. “We’ve been through a similar situation and we’re willing to share what seemed to work for us, realizing that this is a different point in time and somewhat different situation.”

Johnson said it’s likely most of the discussions during the meeting will focus on mitigating the impacts of the flooding and how they affect services such as enrollment and housing.

UND Representatives:

Margaret Myers, Associate Vice President for Finance and Operations

Diane Nelson, Human Resources

Pat Hanson, Payroll

Judy Sargent, Residence Services

Terry Sando, Emergency Management

Suzy Belyea, Associate Director of housing

Vicki Morrissette, Counseling

Barb Kramer, FEMA

Bob Boyd, retired Vice President for Student Outreach Services

Peter Johnson, University Relations

Denny Elbert, Dean, College of Business and Public Administration

Jerry Davis, retired dean, School of Law

Michelle Eslinger, Student Health

MSU Representatives:

David Fuller, President

Lenore Koczon, Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dick Jenkins, Vice President of Student Affairs

Brian Foisy, Vice President for Administration and Finance

Marv Semrau, Vice President, Advancement

Rick Hedberg, Athletics