UND Physical Therapy team showcases its service commitment

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News Article

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School of Medicine & Health Sciences


PT Day of Service organization invites UND to participate in national social media campaign

A group of University of North Dakota (UND) Physical Therapy (PT) students made nationwide waves with a service project geared to help senior citizens.

They were recognized among “the best, brightest, and most motivated PT/PTA programs across the country leading up to the Saturday Day of Service,” according to the group that invited UND to participate.

The group volunteered last Saturday at Valley Eldercare in Grand Forks as part of Physical Therapy Day of Service (PT DOS).

“PT DOS is an organization of 10 physical therapists across the nation who are committed to serving the community,” said Anthony Charbonneau, president of the UND Doctor of Physical Therapy class of 2016. The Department of Physical Therapy is part of the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

“It was created to unite and galvanize the profession of physical therapy in an act of service,” said Charbonneau, a member of the Pueblo of Acoma tribe who grew up in West Fargo. “PT DOS aims to transform society by inspiring the profession to become more engaged in their communities. This is a service activity for the community by physical therapy students, faculty and clinicians.”

The UND PT group’s activities at Valley Eldercare last Saturday included bingo, cleaning the courtyards, and conversations with the residents and forming good bonds with them.

Last Wednesday, the UND group was selected as “Program of the Day” to participate in a social media campaign that showcased their activities and promoted the UND Physical Therapy program.

“We posted as much as possible to get our name out there and we mentioned what our program is doing on PT DOS, what our inspiration is, challenge other students to get involved, and post pictures as well,” Charbonneau said, a member of the Pueblo of Acoma tribe. “This was a great opportunity for exposure not only for UND PT, but for UND as a whole.”