Chief Information, Outreach Services units will be realigned

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University of North Dakota


The University of North Dakota has announced the realignment of several units, effective Aug. 1. The reorganization results from an ongoing assessment by President Robert Kelley and the vice presidents about how to position the University to increase its ability to serve students and to support the work of faculty and staff.

Under the realignment, the units under the Chief Information Officer and Outreach Services area will now report to different vice presidential units:

The Office of the Chief Information Officer, Infrastructure Services, and Relations and Operations units will report to the Vice President for Finance and Operations.

Support Services and the Center for Instructional and Learning Technologies will move to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Enrollment Management and Communications (The Link) will report to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

The Community Relations Officer, E-Marketing and Communications, Television Center and UND Radio, Lifelong Learning & Professional Development, and Workforce Development will report to the Office of University Relations, which will come under a new Vice President for External Affairs position.

Paul LeBel, vice president for academic affairs, Alice Brekke, vice president for finance and operations, and Lori Reesor, vice president for student affairs, addressed an all-staff Chief Information Officer and Outreach Services area meeting Friday, July 15. Among their messages: the University is realigning, not reducing workforce. “We are not calling into question anyone’s job security,” said LeBel.

At the meeting, LeBel praised Joshua Riedy, who led the Chief Information Officer and Outreach Services area through transformational changes the past three years.

“It is clear that the quality of the work done within your division and the integration of the roles and responsibilities that Josh has instituted are among the models for all of us to learn from. I would like to recognize two significant accomplishments by Josh Riedy. The first is bringing together a very talented group of people with innovative ideas and a deep commitment to taking this University forward. The second is putting into place a horizontal integration of responsibilities and the talents of the people in the division.”

LeBel said the University is “trying to build on that solid foundation by creating vertical links into the other divisions of the University.”

LeBel added that President Kelley has identified as one of his most pressing concerns the positioning of UND to take on more significant responsibility for IT matters within the North Dakota University System (NDUS), as well as for UND. Riedy was recently named chairman of the NDUS Planning-Steering Committee responsible for overseeing construction of a first-of-its-kind technology hosting facility, which was funded in the recent Legislative session for the NDUS and UND.

“The person the President most trusts to have the information and understand the implications of IT decisions is Josh Riedy,” said LeBel.