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Sally Dockter

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Welcome to Chester Fritz Library this Fall Semester of 2015.

Stephanie Walker will begin serving as Dean of Libraries and Information Resources on Sept. 16th. See the formal announcement for more information about her. In the meantime Sally Dockter will serve as Interim Director and Shelby Harken will serve as Interim Asst. Director. Sally and Shelby have many years of experience at Chester Fritz Library and UND. With the dedicated and hardworking librarians and staff, the operation of the Library is in good hands.

What else is new for Fall

We listened, we heard and we made as many changes as we could before the main building renovation begins. A lot of student and campus input was gathered through various methods last year. All input is being considered in the master planning process. Some new things in no particular order:

  • A sampling of new furniture which has received positive reviews
  • Re-arranged existing furniture to increase group study space
  • Library Student Advisory Committee is being formed.
  • Hours have been extended – now we will be open at 7:30 M-F, open until 9pm on Fri. and Sat. and until midnight Sun-Thur. with even more extended hours before and during finals
  • Drink and snack vending machines
  • Charging station is in place by the elevator
  • Printing kiosk is in the north lobby for quick printing
  • Additional easy to use scanner one next to the Access Services Desk
  • An info. directory video monitor is on the main floor
  • Board games now available for use near the entry (donated)
  • New book shelves near the entry
  • Increased salaries for our hardworking and underpaid student workers
  • An additional collab. workstation in a group study room
  • More money for books and reference books
  • A new database subscription – Foundation Directory Online
  • Patents and Trademarks 101 on September 1st

Re-visioning/architects/master planning

The architect’s master plan draft is being prepared. However the involvement of the new Dean is critical so we probably won’t see anything until October. See the master planning button on the homepage for more details. We will try to keep it as up to date as possible.

More about Sally and Shelby

Sally Dockter, Head of Reference & Research Services since 2007, is serving as Interim Director of Libraries until the new Dean of Libraries and Information Resources arrives. She has been with the CFL since 1991. She is UND alum. with a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from Indiana University.

Shelby E. Harken, Head of Acquisition and Bibliographic Control since 1991, is serving as Asst. Director of Chester Fritz Library until the new Dean arrives. Shelby has been with CFL since 1969. She has a Master’s in Library Science from UND.