Alumni Spotlight - Chelsey Enderle

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Campus visits can greatly impact a student’s decision to attend a college. For Chelsey Enderle her first visit was on a rainy day during her senior year in high school for a soccer tournament. While many students may have been discouraged by the rain, Chelsey immediately fell in love with the campus. “I felt right away like I fit in,” said Chelsey. Chelsey also indicated that she had heard good things about the UND Accounting program and UND wasn’t too far from her hometown of Fergus Falls, MN.

While at UND Chelsey pursued a double major in Accounting and Managerial Finance. She continued to build on the exceptional reputation of the accounting department by receiving the Elijah Watts Sells Award which recognizes the top scores in the nation for the CPA exam each year. Over the last 27 years, the UND Department of Accountancy has earned this award 10 times. This prestigious award was created in 1923 and was named after Elijah Watt Sells, one of New York’s first CPAs and catalyst behind the establishment of what is now the American Institute of CPAs.

Chelsey was awarded this achievement in April 2015 based on all of the individuals that finished the exam in 2014. Chelsey also received a North Dakota Award for the highest score in 2014 on the CPA exam. When preparing for the exam Chelsey said she entered into it with the goal to pass. After she completed the second part of the four part exam she received a score of 99%, and then she started hearing from people more about the Elijah Watts Sells Award. After completing all four sections Chelsey knew that she had scored very high and was likely to be eligible to receive this recognition.

Chelsey said it was beneficial to have study partners that were also preparing for the exam and studied together every day. “We were in misery together, and was nice having others going through the same thing,” said Chelsey. When preparing for the exam Chelsey also indicated that she could not have done it without the support from her parents, sibling, boyfriend, and the professors at UND.

“The professors at UND were incredible and prepare you for it in school by teaching effective study habits,” said Chelsey. Chelsey shared that her professors at UND spent timing getting to know her and helped not only with school work, but through networking opportunities, internships, and career advice.” Dr. Loyand was Chelsey’s first accounting professor. As she talked about Dr. Loyland her eyes lit up and she said, “I hope to be just like her someday.” Chelsey shared how Dr. Loyland and Dr. Campbell, among many others always provided lots of advice and were so encouraging and supportive throughout her academic career and job search.

Chelsey also expressed gratitude towards her firm, Brady Martz, where she currently works as an accountant in the area of tax. “They firm was so supportive and wanted me to do well not just as an employee, but as a person.”

Chelsey’s advice to students preparing for the CPA exams are to take as much of the exam as possible before graduation as you are still in the school groove, right on campus, and able to ask professors for assistance. She also recommends to know your professors as they are willing to help and guide you in anyway, and find a study buddy.

Chelsey noted that while the CPA exam was really hard, the harder something is the more it means. “My parent’s taught me at a young age how important it is to work hard and always encouraged me. That type of support and encouragement was huge.”

Above all, Chelsey notes that she was given a gift from God to have this opportunity and that was a key factor in her success.