American Chemical Society presents ‘Zymurgy: the Science Behind Beer’ May 6


David L. Dodds

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The Red River Valley section of the American Chemical Society will be hosting ‘Zymurgy: the Science Behind Beer,’ at 7 p.m., Wednesday, May 6, at the University of North Dakota Tech Accelerator.

Tracy Hamilton, a chemist from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, will be presenting the history of brewing, followed by a step-by-stop beer-brewing discussion.

Following the presentation, a representative from McKinnon Company will provide samples of regional specialty brews and answer questions.

The event is free and open to the public.

The saccharification of starch, and fermentation of the resulting sugar, is the basis for one of the world’s oldest chemical processes. Brewing will be reviewed at each step in the process, making connections to various undergraduate topics such as kinetics and organic chemistry.

The presentation will be capped off by a list of important flavor compounds, both desirable and undesirable, in beer.