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Governor William Langer's reply to State's Attorney Walter C. King's letter of September 21, 1938 about a farming family in Forman, ND. He is informing the State's Attorney that he had just written the Frank and Edna Rehak that day in order to bring about answers in their case. The question being whether or not the International Harvester Company can reposes the family's equipment under the moratorium. If the Rehaks intend to discontinue farming they forfeit their equipment, whereas if they continue farming, their equipment is under protection of the moratorium.

See also King's original letter:

Letter from State's Attorney King to Governor Langer regarding Edna Rehak vs International, 1938

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Foreclosure moratorium, repossession

Organizations Referenced

International Harvester Company, State's Attorney office

People Referenced

Walter C. King, William Langer, Frank Rehak, Edna Rehak

Letter from Governor Langer to State's Attorney King regarding Edna Rehak vs International 1938