Kim Abeles



Artist Dates

b. 1952

Title of Work

Self-portrait with Files


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Lower right


Art & Design Study Collection


Displayed: First floor


Education Building

Artist Bio

Kim Abeles obtained her BFA in Painting from Ohio University in 1974 and her MFA in Studio Art from the University of California Irvine in 1980. Abeles was born in Richmond, Missouri, in 1952. Through her travels, she learned traditional Japanese art forms from a Buddhist priest in Utsunomiya. She first reached international acclaim through her series The Smog Collector where she invented a process of collecting particulate matter from smog in the air and used it to create stenciled images. She used her art to make statements and start discussions about pollution and other political matters, such as the AIDS epidemic where she created her HIV/AIDS Tarot Cards in support of being informed about the disease. Abeles has no specific form of art, instead creating art in a myriad of forms, both on her own and in group/community projects.


Additional Information

Like teachers, visual artists are sometimes overwhelmed with an abundance of paperwork. Los Angeles artist Kim Abeles made the print in response to this issue. She took a year’s worth of her paperwork and arranged it in a stack, which she is seen flung over.

Abeles, who has been a visiting artist at UND, produced this print in the Department of Art & Design’s printmaking facility with the assistance of students. By working alongside professional artists, UND students are provided with unique learning opportunities. The students’ collaborations with visiting artists have been enhanced through Sundog Multiples—a printmaking venture created by Art & Design Professor Kim Fink, in conjunction with UND Art Collections, and generously funded by the Myers Foundations.


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