Peter Kuper



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b. 1958


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Book - inkjet, serigraph

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Art & Design Study Collection




Gorecki Alumni Center

Artist Bio

Peter Kuper, who has been a visiting artist at UND, is a New York alternative cartoonist and graphic novelist. He is perhaps best known for taking over Mad magazine's Spy vs. Spy (beginning in 1977), but his illustrations and comics also appear regularly in Time, Newsweek, and The New York Times. Furthermore, he is a co-founder of the political graphics magazine, World War 3 Illustrated. Kuper has produced over twenty books including adaptions of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis and Give it Up.

Additional Information

Book layout by Lucy Ganje.

Printed by Kim Fink.


"Am I not the helmsman?" I cried? "You?" asked a tall dark man and passed his hand over his eyes, as if to banish a dream. I was standing at the helm in the dark night, the weak-burning lantern over my head and now this man had come and wanted to brush me aside.

And as I would not give, he set his foot on my chest and trampled me slowly down, while I continued to cling to the spokes of the ship's wheel and falling down, pulled it all the way around. But the man grabbed it and brought it back around; me, however, he pushed away. I came to myself soon, walked to the hatch which led to the cabin and cried: "Men! Comrades! Come quickly! A stranger has deposed me from the wheel!" They came slowly, climbing up the ship's ladder, swaying tired powerful figures. "Am I the helmsman?" I asked". They nodded, but only had eyes for the stranger, stood in a semi-circle about him and as he commandingly said "Don't disturb me", they gathered themselves, nodded to me and moved again down the ship's ladder. What sort of people are these? Do they think at all or do they merely shuffle thoughtlessly over the Earth?

Sundog Multiples was a printmaking venture created by Art & Design Professor Kim Fink, in conjunction with UND Art Collections, and generously funded by the Myers Foundations.