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Handbook of the Changing World Language Map


This study presents repeat photography as an effective method to construct a narrative of change for a cultural landscape. The technique of repeat photography is the process of revisiting the vantage point of a historic photograph and capturing a contemporary image. This chapter focuses on the town of Antler, North Dakota, which has lost more than 85% of its population in the last 50 years (the 2016 estimated population was 25). Repeat photography with eleven historic photographs in Antler began to uncover a story of abandonment and change over the last century. It is this telling of a story through photography that situates our chapter in a book regarding language. In addition to exploring some of the region’s precursors to population decline, previous scholarship using repeat photography is presented along with a methodological framework for anyone interested in conducting similar studies elsewhere.

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This is the accepted manuscript of a book chapter published by Springer Link under the following citation:

Wetherholt, William A., and Gregory S. Vandeberg. “Reading the Landscape in Antler, North Dakota: Repeat Photography in an Atrophying Northern Plains Town.” Handbook of the Changing World Language Map, edited by Stanley D Brunn and Roland Kehrein, Springer International Publishing, 2019, pp. 1–23. Springer Link, doi:10.1007/978-3-319-73400-2_178-1.

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