Make your voice heard: Tell the HLC what you think about UND

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Make your voice heard

Tell the HLC what you think about UND

Get ready UND!

A team of visitors from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) -- the region's leading academic accrediting body --will be here to review UND's academic policies and procedures in preparation for reaccreditation. This marks the 100th anniversary of UND's initial accreditation.

As part of this momentous visit, on-campus open forums have been established for students, staff, faculty and the Greater Grand Forks community to promote maximum participation in this process.

UND President Robert Kelley encourages everyone in the campus community to take part in this event because it's vital for the success of the University that HLC team members collect all the necessary information from as many voices as possible, including our students, staff, faculty as well as our friends and neighbors in the Greater Grand Forks community.

Institutional accreditation, which ensures that the institution itself functions according to essential quality standards, is a prerequisite for program accreditation. Without University-wide accreditation, all UND programs would be compromised.

That's why about 150 faculty, staff, students, and administrators from across UND have spent the past 36 months preparing for reaccreditation by the HLC.

Every member of UND community and beyond should be prepared. By reading the self-study executive summary, all of us can help the reaccreditation effort by being informed and answering any questions the HLC team members may have. The website also has information on how the self-study was done, what the five criteria for reaccreditation are and bullet-point findings regarding UND's strengths and weaknesses by criteria.

UND looks forward to seeing a strong showing from the campus and Greater Grand Forks community at the various HLC open forums set to take place at the Memorial Union.

Free public parking will be available in the large parking lot north of UND's Memorial Stadium, along North Columbia Road. Signs at the lot will indicate the specific public parking areas for the HLC Forum.

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