A Moment in Time


Eric Gunderson

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A Moment in Time

Through art, University of North Dakota freshman Caleb Pfremmer has found a way to stop time, so to speak, with a lasting reminder of his wing mates on Noren Hall’s fourth floor.

After countless all-nighters, his body saturated with energy drinks and soda, Pfremmer has finally finished his latest painting masterpiece. The result of this 200-hour project shows his west wing mates, enjoying each other’s company in their own comfortable society -- dressed to the nines, chatting amiably amongst themselves forever.

As a finishing touch, Pfremmer added a depiction of his own hand painting his signature onto the mural to ensure that no one was excluded from the honor – not even the artist.

The mural has a dual purpose: it was featured work in the recent Noren Hall Art Show. And for years to come, it will serve as a fond memory piece for the students who now call the wing home.

Pfremmer has become a bit of a minor celebrity as a result of his latest masterpiece. The residents of Noren Hall have undoubtedly taken notice. A large portion of UND and the city of Grand Forks – thanks to a front-page story run in the local newspaper, The Grand Forks Herald – also have recognized his achievement.

His inspiration originated in his hometown of Bemidji, Minn., where he runs the children’s program at a local resort and paints murals on the walls for the kids to enjoy. Caleb and his resident assistant were shooting around ideas one day about ways to make their wing more cohesive. The idea of a painting a mural was conceived and Caleb boldly accepted the challenge.

“I love painting. But, if I did it for a career, I feel it would take much of the fun out,” said Pfremmer.

Pfremmer’s other passion is theater. He’s a theatre art major who marvels at the master stage and screen legends, such as Charlie Chaplin – an early silent film star who is arguably one of the most influential people of all time.

“I like that he stood for many things” Pfremmer said.

Pfremmer is well versed in many forms of art. From music and writing to photography and sculpting, he’s tried it.

Next, he plans to expand his talents into claymation and more of a “Tim Burton” style of work. Burton is known for his work in motion pictures such as the recent remake of Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp.

In all of Pfremmer’s art, there’s a clear focus on realism. The mural is a perfect example. The detail in the faces of his subjects is striking and the elegantly decorated ballroom that surrounds them leaves admirers speechless.

After the Noren Hall Art Show, Pfremmer’s mural is to be moved and permanently displayed in nearby Wilkerson Hall.

Eric Gunderson

University Relations student writer

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