Vikings + "UND and Me"

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Vikings + "UND and Me"

People across campus are changing the way UND markets and presents itself to the outside world. The University of North Dakota recently wrapped television and radio production at Minnesota Vikings facilities in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

The multi-purpose shoot was produced and directed by UND's Director of eMarketing and Communications, Tim DeBolt. In a brief, three-hour window, the small crew produced four tv spots, two radio spots (listen to radio spot #1), and more. The production included multiple goals not the least of which was to showcase the $10,000 "Vikings + UND Academic Scholarship", and the "UND and Me" worldwide marketing campaign.

The crew worked with former UND student and current Minnesota Vikings star, Jim Kleinsasser. Several other spots featuring Jim and a cast of Vikings characters were shot for UND Athletics, Fighting Sioux Club, and Online Education. DeBolt also sat down with Jim Kleinsasser where Jim spoke about growing up in North Dakota, UND, being a Viking, and the new UND scholarship he has started with his wife, Christa.

A typical "agency" 30 second broadcast television commercial can range anywhere from several thousand dollars to a price tag in the high six figures or more. To get that much production accomplished in such a short window is impressive. "I'll admit it was a workout but with budget cuts in all industries and continuous advances in digital technology, this type of fast-paced production really is the trend today", DeBolt said.

"This shoot is just one example of how we are showing that the agency model can work at a University," DeBolt said. "Groups like the UND Marketing Group, UND Design Group, TV Center, Aerospace, UND Athletics...the creative talent and professional facilities are already here." In addition to these groups, student interns from across campus deserve special mention, as they assist in producing the award-winning television show, Studio One, and the new UND Athletics online program, "Through These Doors".

Another example of the new trend in marketing is the "UND Sports" show which is a weekly cable television show collaboratively produced by the UND Marketing Group and UND Athletics. Each week "UND Sports" not only highlights UND Athletic programs and student-athletes but also shines a spotlight on various other academic progams and the communities of the Grand Cities across a three state broadcast network.

For the UND+Vikings production, UND is particularly grateful to Marc Morgan and Emily Rooney from the Vikings marketing team for helping to make this production a success. "The Vikings organization was first class," DeBolt said. Marc Morgan serves as the Vikings Senior Corporate Sales Manager, and Emily Rooney serves as Marketing Partnerships Coordinator.

Scripts and storyboards were written by DeBolt, UND graduate student Rob Hansen and TheLink's Andrew Keller.

The "UND and Me" campaign tells the story of UND, one success story at a time. Other notable UND alumni that have already given their time and image to the "UND and Me" campaign and the university are UND alumni Dave St. Peter, President of the Minnesota Twins, and Carla Christofferson, attorney and co-owner of the LA Sparks, with many more in the works.

Craig Garaas-Johnson

Features Editor UND.edu

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