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Grand Forks Herald


Typhoid fever; Agricultural implements; Machinery industry; Meteorology; Playwriting; Music teachers; Farms; State universities and colleges; Locomotives; Horses; Hotels; Auditors; Measles; Diphtheria; Scarlatina; Epidemics; Drinking water; Evangelists; Clergy; Judges; School superintendents; Presbyterian Church--Clergy; Congregational churches--Clergy; Presbyterian universities and colleges; Lawyers; Flag raising and lowering; Flags; Rites and ceremonies; Mayors; Armistice Day; Steamboats; Songs; Epidemics; Physicians; Bathtubs; Barbers; Horse-drawn vehicles; Puzzles

Corporate Subjects

Grand Army of the Republic; University of North Dakota; North Dakota. Supreme Court; United States. District Court (North Dakota); Metropolitan Theatre (Grand Forks, N.D.)

Personal Subjects

Chesterton, G. K. (Gilbert Keith), 1874-1936; DeMille, Cecil B. (Cecil Blount), 1881-1959; McAllister, D. Carlos; Frances, Heath M.; O'Connor, James Francis Thaddeus, 1884-1949; Evenson, Charles J.; Eaton, Cora Smith- 1867-1939; Harriman, Elbridge A.; Rutledge, S . W.; Logan, J. R.; Fawcett, John; Atwood, E. M.; Atwood, Grace; Twamley, Jas (Mrs.); Hunter, A. L.; Cochrane, John M. (John McDowell), 1859-1904; Caswell, Mattie; Atwood family; Hunt family; Templeton, C. F.; Dow, Jerry; Clemmer, Carrie; DeCamp, Frank; Webster, O. A.; Clifford, Alvin; Bergh, Robert, (Mrs.); Gordon, W. A.; Brown, W. H. , (Mrs.); Tagley, A. J.; Ruggies, Walter; Lycan, W. S.; Scott, J. W.; Lasham, W. R.; Spence, W. Hamilton; Brown, L., (Mrs.); Ephraim, Frank, (Mrs.); SHUTT , GEORGE F.; Wilder, Percy; Selby, John; Wineman, Ansel; McLauren, D. P.; McLoughlin, Philip; McLoughlin family; Schlaberg, F. W.; Watson, John S., (Mrs.); Reeve, Budd, 1842-1933; Morgan, David, (1849-1912); Fisk, Charles J. (1862 –1932); Duis, George Edward (1922 -1999); Livingood, William, (Mrs.); Walsh, Edmund Myron (1851-1934); Walsh, George H. (1845 –1913); Walsh, Thomas (1822-1915); Griggs, Alexander, 1838-1903; Engstad, John Evan (c.1858 - 1937); Eggers, August Severin, (1862 –1936); Shannon, Effle; Dixon, Arthur; McKenzie, Alexander, 1851-1922; Paulsness, B. O.; Turpin, George; Karinierni, O.; Sweet, George W.; Lounsberry, Clement A. (Clement Augustus), 1843-1926

Geographic Subjects

North Dakota--Grand Forks; North Dakota--Fargo; North America--Red River Valley (Minnesota and North Dakota and Manitoba)


Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections, Chester Fritz Library, University of North Dakota