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Precipitation, Rainfall, Snowfall, Precipitation Station, North Dakota


Ten precipitation stations were set up to collect precipitation data (including rainfall/snowfall and snow depth measurements) across 6 USGS HUC10 watersheds. The heated tipping bucket rain gauge was utilized to obtain precipitation measurements. The heating mechanism engaged when temperatures were below freezing and thawed frozen precipitation to acquire measurements year-round (Heated Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, Hydrological Services America). The data accuracy is within +/- 3% even with high rainfall intensities due to the integrated syphon mechanism which controls the release of precipitation into the tipping bucket (TB3 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge, Hydrological Services America). The data were originally collected at a 1-minute time interval, which was changed to a 5-minute time interval in June 2016; however, not all data are continuous at this point. See the ReadMe file for complete details located in the zip file of precipitation data.


Center for Regional Climate Studies

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Baldhill Creek BH1 47.18324 -98.06959 Valley City, ND; Baldhill Creek BH2 47.39027 -98.32696 Valley City, ND; Maple Cass1 46.8778 -97.23489 Casselton, ND; Bois De Sioux Fairmount 46.00858 -96.59895 Fairmount, ND; Pipestem PPR1 47.09725 -99.09342 Jamestown, ND; Pipestem PPR2 47.1008 -99.09614 Jamestown, ND; Pipestem PPR3 47.09984 -99.10107 Jamestown, ND; Sandhill-Wilson Grand Forks 47.8755 -97.20775 Grand Forks, ND; Devils Lake DL1 48.17428 -98.95309 Devils Lake, ND; Devils Lake DL2 48.38896 -98.75739 Devils Lake, ND