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Cirrus Clouds, Citation Research Aircraft, Radar


The instrumented North Dakota Citation Research Aircraft and the Cloud and Precipitation Radar with discrete Hydrometeor Detection (CPR-HD), a high-resolution radar, obtained concurrent measurements of anvil cirrus clouds during seven research flights over Cape Canaveral, Florida in the summer of 2015 (CAPE2015). The Citation Research Aircraft is equipped with instruments for measuring GPS location and altitude, pressure, temperature, dew point temperature, and wind velocity, as well as a set of cloud physics instruments. The CPR-HD is a C-band, dual-polarization, Doppler radar with the capability of switching between two waveforms, a low-resolution beam and a high-resolution beam. Two radar reflectivity datasets are included: an observed radar reflectivity factor data set from the CPR-HD and a derived equivalent radar reflectivity factor dataset obtained from microphysical probes onboard the Citation Research Aircraft.


Two-Dimensional Stereo (2D-S) probe, High Volume Particle Spectrometer version 3 (HVPS3) probe, Nevzorov Total and Liquid Water Content Probe, Applanix Position and Orientation System for Airborne Vehicles, Rosemount Total Temperature Probe, Two-Dimensional Cloud (2D-C) probe, Tunable Diode Laser Hygrometer, Edgetech Dew Point Sensor, Cloud and Precipitation Radar with discrete Hydrometeor Detection (CPR-HD)

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Cape2015 Field Project

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Gapp, Nicholas, David J. Delene, Jerome Schmidt, and Paul Harasti, Comparison of Concurrent Radar and Aircraft Measurements of Cirrus Clouds, Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, in preparation, 2023.


Cape Canaveral Air Force Station/Kennedy Space Center, Florida; Titusville, Florida

North Boundary

29 Degrees 0 Minutes North Latitude

West Boundary

81 Degrees 0 Minutes West Longitude

East Boundary

79 Degrees 30 Minutes West Langitude

South Boundary

27 Degrees 45 Minutes North Latitude

Temporal Resolution

1 Hz

Start Date

31-7-2015 6:18 PM

End Date

2-8-2015 10:00 PM