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Date of Work

September 22, 1949


This letter dated September 22, 1949 from United States (US) Representative Usher L. Burdick to County Auditor Gilbert Holtan requests inofrmation from Holton regarding the percentage of rent received by the Army Corps of Engineers that is returned to the country in lieu of taxes, and how these payments compare to the amounts these lands would have generated through normal tax channels.

There is a handwritten annotation reading "Garrison" at the top of the document.

See also:

Letter from Gilbert Holtan to Representative Burdick Regarding Rent Received by Army Engineers for McClean County, October 27, 1949

Date of Work



Washburn North Dakota, land payments, rent payments, land acquisition. McLean County, Garrison Dam, Garrison Reservoir, Garrison Diversion

Organizations Referenced

McLean County, Army Corp of Engineers, Army Engineers

People Referenced

Usher L. Burdick, Gilbert Holtan

Letter from Representative Burdick to County Auditor Gilbert Holtan Regarding The Effects of Land Acquisition on Tax Revenue, September 22, 1949