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This letter, dated February 11, 1949, from United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick to Sybelle H. Wright of St. John, North Dakota concerns the relationship between the US and Indigenous peoples. The letter is in response to Wright's letter which is not included. Burdick's letter asks Wright who is to blame for the poor condition of Natives and answers that the US government took charge of these people 80 years prior and failed in its responsibility to educate them through "forced wardship." The letter also discusses the poor quality and low amount of land owned by Natives. It concludes with Burdick saying that he does not care who is at fault for the poor conditions and instead only cares to alleviate suffering.

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Red River, Minot, St. John North Dakota, Fort Totten, Native Americans, Indians, living conditions, Benson County, Graham's Island

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Usher Burdick, Sybelle Wright

Letter from Representative Burdick to Sybelle Wright Regarding Native Conditions, February 11, 1949