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This letter dated February 6, 1954, from attorney C. A. Waldron of the Waldron and Kenner law firm to United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick, responds to Burdick's letter regarding an "Indian law" book Burdick had lent the firm. Waldron thanks Burdick for the use of the book and assures him it will be returned to Burdick once Waldron is finished with it. Waldron closes by telling Burdick that he agrees with Burdick's views about the Bricker amendment.

A handwritten annotation on the letter reads "Black Dog"

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Letter from Representative Burdick to C. A. Waldron and Harris F. Kenner Regarding Indian Law Book, February 2, 1954

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law, Indian law, legislation, law book, Bricker Amendment

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United States House of Representatives, Waldron and Kenner

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C. A. Waldron, Harris F. Kenner, Usher Burdick, James Black Dog

Letter from C. A. Waldron to Representative Burdick Regarding Indian Law Book, February 6, 1954