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This letter dated February 2, 1954, from United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick to attorneys C. A. Waldron and Harris F. Kenner, refers to a book on "Indian law" that Burdick has agreed to allow James Black Dog to take to Waldron and Kenner. Burdick notes that it is his only copy and asks that it be returned to him once Waldron and Kenner are finished with the book. Note that Waldron and Kenner are mistakenly addressed as "Waldon" and "Kennedy" in this letter. Waldron and Kenner's response to this letter confirm the correct spellings of the names.

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Letter from C. A. Waldron to Representative Burdick Regarding Indian Law Book, February 6, 1954

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law, Indian law, legislation, law book

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Waldron and Kenner, United States House of Representatives

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Usher Burdick, C. A. Waldron, Harris F. Kenner, Kennedy, Waldon, Usher Burdick, James Black Dog

Letter from Representative Burdick to C. A. Waldron and Harris F. Kenner Regarding Indian Law Book, February 2, 1954