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This letter, dated August 2, 1954, from attorney Walter O. Burk to Laura Page Knudson, legislative assistant for United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick, explains that Burk is expecting to conference with a group in eastern North Dakota who want an 1,850 foot operating level at the dam.

Burk writes that he and Governor Brunsdale disagree on whether the dam will provide 360,000 or 200,000 kilowatts of power, and asks Knudson for to get the correct figure from the US Army Engineers in the form of a letter and send him either the original or a copy.

See also: Letter from Representative Burdick to Walter Burk Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level, August 10, 1954

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US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Engineers, Burk McIntee & O'Connell

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Usher Burdick, Walter O. Burk, Laura Page Knudson, Governor Brunsdale, Michael R. McIntee, Lawrence O'Connell

Letter from Walter Burk to Laura Page Knudson Regarding Garrison Dam Pool Level, August 2, 1954