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This letter dated November 12, 1952, from Legislative Assistant Laura Page Knudson, on behalf of United States House Representative Usher Burdick, to George S. Stephenson, refers to a letter Stephenson sent to to Sam Stern of Fargo, who sent it on to Burdick. Knudson writes that Burdick is in North Dakota but that she will bring the letter to his attention upon his return. Knudson closes with an assurance that Burdick will do what he can to rectify poor conditions for indigenous people in the United States.

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indigenous health, healthcare, infant mortality, living conditions, welfare

Organizations Referenced

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

People Referenced

Sam Stern, Usher Burdick, George S. Stephenson

Letter from Laura Page Knudson for Representative Burdick to George Stephenson Regarding Health of American Indians, November 12, 1952