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This letter dated November 4, 1952, from Sam Stern to United States House Representative Usher Burdick, notes that he has enclosed a letter that Burdick is better positioned to address. Stern is the Grand Exalted Ruler of the Fargo chapter of the Grand Lodge of the Order of the Elks. There is a handwritten note from Stern at the bottom of the letter.

The enclosed letter dated July 18, 1952, from George S. Stephenson to Sam Stern, addresses the health of American Indians. Stephenson opens the letter by briefly recounting his early life, running away from home in "Western Canada" to Argusville, North Dakota to follow his brother. Stephenson notes that he joined the Order of the Elks as an adult. Stephenson asserts he is a "member of the Sioux tribe of Indians" and has been involved in trying to improve living conditions for indigenous people for more than fifty years. Stephenson says he wrote to Stern because he heard on the radio Stern was a leader in the Elks and wants Stern to use his "prestige" to influence their congressperson to vote for appropriations which would be used to improve indigenous health. Stephenson notes he has included a report from the "Indian Health Service Department," but this report is not present with the letter.

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Letter from Sam Stern to Representative Burdick Regarding George Stephenson, November 4, 1952