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This letter dated December 18, 1950, from United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick to Oscar N. Berg, Executive Secretary for the Missouri-Souris Projects Association, responds to Berg's request for a testimonial about W. G. Sloan. Burdick writes that people in the Williston area have nothing but praise for Sloan, and that Sloan's plan for the Missouri-Souris portion of the Upper Missouri Valley development should have been the plan for the entire development, as it would have hurt no one, would have supplied sufficient power for the needs of the Northwest, and would have provided irrigation without destroying more farmland than it served. Burdick goes on to lament that the Pick-Sloan plan represented a compromise that was subsequently worsened by high-handed and unauthorized actions by the US Army Corp of Engineers, including significantly increasing the pool height and capacity of the reservoir in conflict with the plan originally authorized by Congress.

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Missouri-Souris Projects Association, Army Corps of Engineers,

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Oscar N. Berg, W. G. Sloan

Letter from Representative Burdick to Oscar N. Berg Regarding W. G. Sloan, December 18, 1950