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This letter dated December 11, 1950, from Oscar N. Berg to United States (US) Representative Usher Burdick, requests a testimonial praising W. G. Sloan from Burdick. Berg is the Executive Secretary for the Missouri-Souris Projects Association. Berg explains there will be a dinner in Montana honoring Sloan and they are collecting testimonials to put in a commemorative scrapbook to be given to him ahead of his retirement. Berg notes Sloan's contributions to the Missouri-Souris Projects.

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Letter from Representative Burdick to Oscar N. Berg Regarding W. G. Sloan, December 18, 1950

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Garrison Dam, Garrison Diversion, Garrison Reservoir, Sloan Plan, Missouri-Souris, Missouri-Souris Projects

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Missouri-Souris Projects Association

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A. R. Weinhandl, Otto M. Christenson, Halvor L. Halvorson, Oscar N. Berg, W. G. Sloan, Usher L. Burdick, Usher Burdick, Russ Dushinske, Willard Ruggles, Carl Holje, Martin Lien, Buck Ryder, John Simard, Fred Traeger, Ray Miller, Oliver Lien, Lloyd Michels, Mike Heikens, Peder Moe, Howard Stone, Louie Wieman, W. E. Hocking, Richard Barry, Oscar Lunseth, G. E. Miner, M. M. Millhouse, C. S. Summers, J. A. Schoonover, J. C. Eaton, A. V. Applegren, A. U. Anderson, Harry Polk, H. H. Westlie, Leroy Pease, H. S. Davies, G. E. Miner, Geo. N. Lund, George N. Lund, William Harmon, Wm. Harmon, Don Hunter

Letter from Oscar N. Berg to Representative Burdick Regarding W. G. Sloan, December 11, 1950