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Changes in property values in relation to new or redevelopment and how they shape the property values are necessary to investigate for a city that is economically on the rise. Infill vs greenfield development are key processes to understand in this study. For years the city of Grand Forks, ND has been trying to find a way to tackle the cost effectiveness of property value on infill vs. greenfield development. We set out to help inform them in their decision making process by creating a model looking at the property values over a span of 26 years. We want to create a model that will predict a score of a property to help the City decide if a development is feasible. Given a high score, the development should be considered, while given a low score, the development should probably be reconsidered. In our model we use gif animations to show this change in property values over time. Using the animations we can assess which property values were affected by a specific redevelopment near the property in a given year.

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Grand Forks, ND




Presented at the Spring 2022 UNDergraduate Showcase in Grand Forks, ND, May 5, 2022.

Redevelopment's Effect On Property Values

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