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The purpose of this project is for undergraduate pre-health students to think critically about the health information available to the public and their future communication with patients. Students will pick a piece of media - news article, blog post, social media meme, YouTube or TikTok video, etc. - that is aimed at the general public that makes some claim about human health. This is open ended on purpose, so students should do some searching and are encouraged to follow their interests or track down something related to health advice they heard recently or chose something that has come across their social media feeds. Students should NOT pick something for this that is from a highly recognizable name in health research - do NOT pick things from the CDC, John's Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, etc. - that is not the point, pick something you may kind of suspect of not having the best information. Students will then analyze this piece of media.

Course Level

Intro level, Intermediate Undergrads

Student Learning Outcomes

Information Literacy