Data, Technology, and The Power of Privacy


Data, Technology, and The Power of Privacy



We all know that our internet privacy is being eroded, but how far down the rabbit hole have we really gone? Is it even possible to be anonymous anymore? On this episode, we discuss the many ways we are surveilled and the power privacy has. Does data control us? Is privacy an obsolete concept? These and other questions illustrate how much corporate and state access to our data has changed society. Is freedom worth sacrificing for safety and convenience? Is continued surveillance compatible at all with civil liberties? Join us as we seek answers.

Carissa Veliz is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy and the Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence. She is also a Tutorial Fellow at Hertford College of Oxford University. She is the author of the recently published book, Privacy is Power: Why and How you should take back control of your data.


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Data, Technology, and The Power of Privacy